Annual Events

Akron Rubber Ducks Cookout

This is an annual event that gives our parent chapter and other supporters a chance to mingle with us. Before the game, we have a cookout with hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, etc. Then, we all enjoy a Rubber Ducks game together. This is a great way to have fun and make some connections. The parent chapter is responsible for ordering the tickets for the game. We are in charge of buying and cooking the food. Many students bring side dishes while the officers bring the main courses.


UA Football Game Tailgate

Every October we tailgate at one of the football games. It's geared toward new members and gives them a chance to get to know us and get excited about ASCE. It's right around the time that the teams start up for the new year so it's a great time for them to get involved. It's also an opportunity for alumni to catch up with current members.


Freshman Bowling Night

Every fall, The Committee for the Future of Civil Engineering (CFCE) sponsors a bowling night for freshman to meet with faculty, professionals, and other students to spark an interest in Civil Engineering. Additionally, the ASCE Younger Member Committee supplies door prizes for the freshmen in attendance.

The Game Room in The Student Union is reserved specifically for this event and people can bowl and enjoy pizza and refreshments while making connections and getting a chance to find out one on one what Civil Engineering is all about.


Department of Civil Engineering Thanksgiving Dinner

Evey year the Department of Civil Engineering puts on a Thanksgiving Dinner with us the Friday before Thanksgiving. The department prepares two turkeys and we ask students and faculty to bring in a side dish and/or a dessert. This event has proved to be very popular and one to socialize with other students and faculty. The Thanksgiving Dinner has been a great way to promote our student chapter and to get our group name out to other civil engineering students who may not know much about our chapter.

Pour Day

Every year, the Concrete Canoe team sets aside a day to pour the concrete for their canoe. It has developed into a great day for students, faculty, and alumni to get together to watch and help the canoe team during its most crucial day of the year.

High School Model Bridge Competition

In February, we hold a high school model bridge competition for area schools. We supply a breakfast bar with juices, donuts, and other food. While the bridges are being judged, there is socializing between students, professionals, and members of ASCE, as well as activities and presentations. The day concludes with breaking the bridges to determine their structural efficiency.

3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

Near the end of spring semester, we hold a 3v3 basketball tournament. It is a fun way to wind down at the end of the semester. It is also a good fundraiser, complete with food, beverages, and prizes.

Golf Outing

We recently started a tradition of holding an annual Golf Outing for students and local profesionals. It is a great opportunity for students to meet professionals from the area while having fun. Plus, it's a nice way for the professional community to get together for a little friendly competition.