E-Banquet Night
February 25, 2016


Ohio Valley Regional Conference
March 27-29, 2015


Ohio Valley Regional Conference
March 28-30, 2014


ASCE Student Organization Award

Robert Ridgway Award Winner (2014)

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Spring Semester Important Dates

Ohio Valley Regional Conference: April 10 - 11, 2015


ASCE involvement is a valuable resource for students. As a student, it opens doors to lifelong friends and peers to collaborate with. As a job candidate, it sets you apart from your classmates who simply completed their traditional coursework. Nearly all employers highly value active student involvement in ASCE. As a professional, ASCE continues to provide useful resources and networking that will shape you into a well-rounded, valuable employee to any company. Aside from the technical and professional benefits; many ASCE activities are just plain fun. You will find yourself receiving all these benefits without even knowing it.

-Joe Morris ’10 VN Services, ASCE Younger Member, Former Concrete Canoe Captain

I'll be honest, my freshman year at Akron I joined ASCE to build my resume in order to get a job. Ultimately, ASCE did play a huge role in getting my job but not because my resume said I was in ASCE. I got a job because of the experience, leadership, and connections I made in ASCE. I believe joining and getting involved in ASCE was the single most important decision I made while at Akron. I made new friends, many of which I'm still in touch with today. I maintained a high GPA thanks to study groups in the civil lounge. I developed as a leader thanks to Steel Bridge and my Treasurer position. I was able to network with professionals and professors at the many outings, virtually guaranteeing a job after college. Most of all, I had fun! I will never forget our epic trips to Kentucky, Las Vegas, Purdue, and Texas.

-Dean Morningstar '11 Kokosing, Former Treasurer and Steel Bridge Member

If nothing else, joining ASCE is the most fun way to set you and your resume apart from the rest of your class. All University of Akron Civil Engineering students should strongly consider joining the Student Chapter of ASCE. It is a great way to meet new people, both fellow students and professionals. The events are well planned out, and the competitions are some of the most fun times you will have in college. You get what you put in. If you apply yourself and do a little bit of networking, you will not only learn 10 times as much as any class can teach you, but you will gain valuable experience in all aspects of Civil Engineering... something every employer can appreciate.

-Mike Jurcak ‘11 Jones-Stuckey, Former Steel Bridge Captain

As an undergrad student, I had to balance work, school, and my personal life. ASCE was tough to fit in, but I'm so glad I did. Being active in ASCE, the Concrete Canoe team, and the Steel Bridge team helped me learn time management, leadership skills, and especially the fun side of engineering. Working with the team members taught me strong people skills that I still use today in my work and my professional network. My time with ASCE gave me an advantage when I was job searching as a senior and current employers are pleased with my involvement in the student, local, and national ASCE community. The bottom line is that ASCE has given (and continues to give) me extraordinary experiences, personal/professional connections, and opportunities that make me a better person and a better engineer.

-Renee Whittenberger '08 Hammontree, ASCE Younger Member, Former ASCE President, Canoe/Bridge Captain

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