The 2015 Ohio Valley Student Conference


The Ohio Valley Student Conference is a regional conference of ASCE student chapters from the Ohio Valley area to get together to meet the other local chapters and put their engineering skills to the test with some friendly competition. This year, the competition is hosted by Cincinatti State Technical & Community College and will take place March 31st through April 2nd.  It will consist of 9 competitions: Steel Bridge, Concrete Canoe, AutoCAD, Balsa Wood Bridge, Environmental, Surveying,  Technical Paper, Concrete Something. The most developed of these competitions are the Steel Bridge and Concrete Canoe competitions; the best teams for these competitions from the OVSC will move on to their respective national competitions. The UA chapter intends to bring 40 students to compete.

Steel Bridge

The Steel Bridge competition is one of the more well-known competitions. Each team must both design and fabricate a bridge given certain specifications and be prepared to assemble the bridge in a timely fashion. The bridges are judges by multiple factors such as deflection, assembly time, weight, and asthetics.  Please contact Derek Hauff at or Hristo Ivanov at and visit our Steel Bridge Page if you're interested in joining our Steel Bridge team.

Concrete Canoe

The Concrete Canoe competition is another well-known competition. Each team must design and fabricate its own canoe, which it will use to race in on the day of the competition. This competition is judged on 4 factors: the design paper, the oral presentation, the final product, and the races. Please contact Justin Wolf at and visit our Concrete Canoe Page if you're interested in joining our Concrete Canoe team.


The AutoCAD competition is split up into two parts: a team portion and an individual portion. In the team portion, each team, must design and draw a project. The details for this portion will be released January 19th and the drawing must be completed by March 1st. During the conference, the individual portion will take place, in which competitors must reproduce a drawing in AutoCAD as quickly and precisely as possible. Judges will be looking for the drawing to be in the right scale, and have correct dimensions, layers, linetypes, and lineweights.

Balsa Wood Bridge

In the Balsa Wood Bridge competition, each team must design and build a Balsa Wood Bridge. The design requirements will be released on February 15th, and the bridges must be built at the conference within a period of 2 hours. Once they have dried, these bridges will be tested at the Steel Bridge competition. The bridges will be judged primarily by weight and how much weight they can hold.


The Environmental competition is a chance for students to solve a real-life environmental problem by designing a small-scale, sustainable treatment process. The processes are ranked in the categories of performance, sustainability, and creativity This year's competition rules/design have not been released yet.  Last years rules/design involved removing Barium from a natural gas flowback water source from southwestern Pennsylvania.


The Surveying competition consists of 4 tasks that must be done utilizing old and new Surveying techniques that a team of 6 to 12 students must complete on the day of the competition. Groups of 3 students will be randomly selected from each team to compete in each task the day of the competition. These tasks will be judged on quickness and accuracy. The 4 tasks this year are: Measuring the 3 Angles of a Triangle, Pacing the Distance Between Two Points of a Triangle, Measuring the elevation of 3 points in a circuit, and Setting Coordinates of a Building for a Construction Site. Details about these tasks will be released on January 30th.

Technical Paper

The Technical Paper competition has 2 parts and is completed by one person from each participating university. The first part is the paper itself, which is to be completed prior to the competition. The second part is a 5 minute oral presentation by the author at the conference. The topic of the paper is "Ethics and Globalization." For guidance click on 2014_Technical_Paper_Competition_Rules.

Concrete Horseshoes and Concrete Bat

Every year, one of the competitions is a traditional game that has been adapted to include concrete. This year's games are both Concrete Horseshoes and a Concrete Bat.  Horseshoes was don last year, and the rules for 2013 are similar.  Concrete Bat is new this year.  Please contact UAKRONASCE@GMAIL.COM to get involved in these activities.