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The PSSO membership is comprised of all part-time and full-time graduate students in the Department of Polymer Science. Membership is free to all of the students and the organization is active in a variety of academic and social pursuits.

Purpose & Goals of the PSSO:

  • Provides an avenue for graduate students to voice their concerns and suggestions regarding student life in the department
  • Serves as a mediator between the students and the faculty/administration in the department
  • Sponsors trips to scientific meetings and industrial plants
  • Provides input on student seminars and other presentations
  • Conducts tours of the Goodyear Polymer Center for visiting faculty, industry professionals, prospective students and the general public
  • Organizes a variety of social events such as picnics, game nights, movie nights, bowling nights, nights out in downtown Akron, parties, trips, intramural sports and many other activities to promote better interaction among graduate students in a social atmosphere

Note from the Executive Board

As the Executive Board of the PSSO for the coming school year, we are committed to improving student life for all graduate students in the department. We know how busy all of you are in your research and personal lives, but the PSSO cannot function effectively without your support and participation. Thus, if you want to see things changed, done differently or improved, we would like to hear from you either by writing your suggestion(s) on paper and placing it in the Suggestion Box on the 10th floor of the Goodyear Polymer Center or emailing your suggestion to PSSO.

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