Hello, we are the Sociology Club and welcome to our website! If you are curious about what our club does and what sociology is, you have come to the right place!

What is Sociology? 

Sociology is the study of society, human relationships, social institutions, and social change. Since the discipline of sociology is so broad, it encompasses many ideas that can be related to other areas of interest. Because of this, our club is open to students of any major and we currently have members who are in other majors, such as public relations, nursing and psychology. 

What Does Sociology Club Do?

We have many events and opportunities planned that will include: Casual discussions led by faculty members from the Sociology Department, Graduate students from the Sociology Department, and representatives from local organizations. Networking Nights with Sociology faculty members and with employers from the area for exposure to future employment opportunities. Research opportunities through the club and through faculty members. Volunteering and hosting drives for local organizations. Tutoring for sociology classes led by the Executive members of the club and fun movie and trivia nights! 

So, we invite you to get involved! Come be a part of the UA community, meet new people, build leadership skills, get involved in research, and enjoy free pizza while doing it!



~The function of sociology, as of every science, is to reveal that which is hidden.~

-Pierre Bourdieu


Upcoming Events

Meeting: Thursday April 7, 2016

College of Arts and Sciences 135 6:30pm-8:00pm

Workshop: Career Coaching Night. Dr. Callanan will be helping students target their desired career path and decide the best way to achieve those goals.


Meeting: Wednesday March 13, 2016

Olin Hall 276 6:30pm-8:00pm

Internship Night! We will be hosting an internship night that will include many organizations around the Akron area. They will speak about what they do and are there to answer any questions you may have or if you are interested in a summer internship.

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