About Us

Students are only eligible for membership into Tau Beta Pi if they are juniors who are in the top eighth of their class or seniors who are in the top fifth of their class. These students must also display exemplary character. For these reasons, membership in Tau Beta Pi is a highly prestigous honor.

Members of Tau Beta Pi remain members for life, and are invited to attend many Tau Beta Pi events after graduation.

Becoming a member of Tau Beta Pi is one of the highest honors an engineering student can acquire, and we constantly strive to improve ourselves, the organization, and the world.

 Officers  Advisors
President - Mark Archual Dr. Teresa Cutright
Vice President - Letia Bass Dr. Mary Vestraete
Corresponding Secretary - Michelle Ayers               Dr. Nicholas Garafolo
Recording Secretary - Mary Teague Dr. Donald Dane Quinn
Treasurer - Marisa Papp Dr. Bi-min Zhang Newby
Webmaster - Jon Wittmer  
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