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NASA’s Robotic Mining Competition is a university-level competition designed to engage and retain students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The challenge is for students to design and build a mining robot that can traverse the simulated Martian chaotic terrain, excavate valuable icy regolith deep below the Martian regolith and deposit it into a Collection Bin within 10 minutes. Teams are rated based on their mining performance in the area, systems engineering, a technical presentation, community outreach, and social media engagement. We encourage high levels of teamwork and communication in order to create a positive atmosphere where all members can grow. All majors are welcomed. Our team currently features 7 different disciplines ranging from engineering to biology. 



Kelly O'Neill - President 
About Kelly
I am a senior Electrical Engineering student at the University of Akron.
This year I am the President of the NASA Robotic Mining Competition design team. I also have served the two years prior as the Electrical Subteam Lead for the team.
On campus I am also involved in Tau Beta Pi, the College of Engineering Dean's Team, Habitat for Humanity and Campus Focus.

Seth Carpenter - Vice President & Software Lead 
About Seth
I am a junior at the University of Akron, getting my bachelor in Computer Engineering. Freshman year, I joined the NASA robotic mining team and have enjoyed the opportunities and problems it has presented to me. Along with the robotics in my spare time I fill my time with outdoor activities such as sailing, hiking and biking. This keeps me active and in shape from the inactivity of sitting in classes or on the computer.

Luke Schmitt - Director of Finance 
About Luke
Studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Applied Mathematics.
I am the Director of Finance for the NASA RMC Team and on the Mechanical Subteam. I am also the President of the Biomedical Engineering Team, working on a robotic prosthetic hand. Additionally, I am working on research for the Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Lab with Dr. Marnie Saunders.

Hunter Hykes - Electrical Lead 
About Hunter
I am a junior studying Computer Engineering at the University of Akron, planning to specialize in digital and analog hardware. I am on the Electrical Subteam of the NASA Robotic Mining Competition Team, and I am also involved in the University of Akron Marching Band and Theta Chi Fraternity.

Mychal Brady - Mechanical Lead 
About Mychal
I am a senior mechanical engineering student at the University of Akron. I have worked at three different engineering companies through internship opportunities and have experience in 3D modeling, product design, drafting, and manufacturing. I have been an active member of the university's NASA Robotic Mining Team for over three years, and am also a member of the Biomedical Engineering Design Team and a member of the Tau Beta Pi Honors Engineering Society's Ohio Kappa chapter. In my free time, I also enjoy learning how to fix cars and learning how things work.

Max D Fightmaster - Advisor 
About Max
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