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The UA NASA Robotics Team is a student organization at the University of Akron. The team designs and constructs a functional mining robot which competes annually at the international NASA Robotic Mining Competition. Involvement with our team reinforces knowledge learned in the classroom and strengthens abilities used in the workplace. We encourage high levels of teamwork and communication in order to create a positive atmosphere where all members can grow. We currently have 19 members, 15 of which attended the 2015 competition at The Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  All majors are welcomed. Our team currently features 7 different disciplines ranging from engineering to computer science. 



Claire Langenderfer - President 
About Claire
I am the Executive Vice President of the NASA Robotics Mining Team and am on the mechanical subteam. I am majoring in Biomedical Engineering in the biomechanics track. My hobbies include running, sports, cooking, and reading.

Dana Cressman - Executive Vice-President 
About Dana
Luke Schmitt - Director of Finance 
About Luke
Studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Applied Mathematics.
I am the Director of Finance for the NASA RMC Team and on the Mechanical Subteam. I am also the President of the Biomedical Engineering Team, working on a robotic prosthetic hand. Additionally, I am working on research for the Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Lab with Dr. Marnie Saunders.
In my free time, I enjoy listening to music and podcasts while attempting to cook.

Reed Jacobsen - Director of Project Managment 
About Reed
Position: Software Lead
Major: Computer Engineering and Applied Math
I like to work on both software and hardware in the team. Outside of the team I am currently working on building a Tesla Coil.

Bridgid Meyer - Director of Marketing and Public Relations 
About Bridgid
Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the UA NASA Robotic Mining Team.

Christopher Heldman - Director of Leadership Development 
About Christopher
I am a junior electrical engineer in the NASA Robotics team at the University of Akron.

Kelly O'Neill - Electrical Lead 
About Kelly
I am the Electrical Subteam Lead for the NASA Robotic Mining Competition design team, as well as Vice President of the university's Habitat for Humanity chapter.
I worked as a tutor for the university and have participated in my first co-op rotation at Delta Systems Inc.
In my free time I enjoy reading, biking, and being a part of Campus Focus.

Seth Carpenter - Software Lead 
About Seth
I am a junior at the University of Akron, getting my bachelor in Computer Engineering. Freshman year, I joined the NASA robotic mining team and have enjoyed the opportunities and problems it has presented to me. Along with the robotics in my spare time I fill my time with outdoor activities such as sailing, hiking and biking. This keeps me active and in shape from the inactivity of sitting in classes or on the computer.

Ryan Weir - Mechanical Lead 
About Ryan
Mechanical lead of the NASA RMC team.
4th year mechanical engineering student

Seungdeog Choi - Advisor 
About Seungdeog
Max D Fightmaster - Advisor 
About Max
UA NASA Robotics Team  
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