The University of Akron Webteam

Welcome to the The University of Akron Webteam's site in OrgSync!

Wait... is this a student group?

No - the UA webteam is a group made up of full-time staff members and a collection of dedicated student assistants that work to  build and maintain the UA website.  We also help out with Student Group sites in OrgSync - hence this site.

There's not much going on here - we've got a 15,000+ page website to keep track of - but if you are a student group looking for some help, this is a good starting point.    Contact the Department of Student Life or if you need some help getting started with your student org website.


1. To access the Website Manager, it must first be turned on under Settings -> Group Permissions by your group administrator.

2. Banner image - 712 x 52 is the default. (the banner at the top of the page is currently 800px wide)

3. Make note of the Quick URL for pages and images.

4. The internet is a series of tubes, filled with cats.

Website Builder Help

There is a great reference for the website builder here and another video walkthrough here if you need any more information. 


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We'd love to hear any comments or suggestions you have. Let us know what kind of job we are doing!