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The Legislative Branch

What Is It?

The Legislative branch consists of numerous elected members, including the Senate Chair and Vice Senate Chair, Senate Clerk, Senators At Large (5), College of Arts and Sciences Senator, College of Engineering Senator, Honors College Senator, Health Professions Senator, College of Business and Administration Senator, Off-Campus Senator, Residence Life and Housing Senator, Summit College Senator, and a College of Education Senator. Senators write and review legislation that serves to benefit the undergraduate student body. They also work in committees and for their specific position to turn ideas into reality to benefit University of Akron students. In addition, Senators review and approve requests for New Student Organizations.

Below you can view how your senators voted on various bills.

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2016 / 2017 Senate Legislation

Senator Position For Opposed Abstain
Ricky Angeletti (N.M) At-Large Senator      
Abi Uwadiae At-Large Senator      
Julie Ann Boylen At-Large Senator      
Abigail Watson At-Large Senator      
Katherine Holcomb At-Large Senator      
Kelly Unger At-Large Senator      
Youngbin Jeong At-Large Senator      
Nicholas Golina At-Large Senator      
Tyra Tolton (N.M) At-Large Senator      
Andrew Adolph CAST      
Natalie Orr College of Arts and Sciences      
Shraddha Bhagat College of Business      
Colin Hayes College of Education      
Abigail Kraft College of Engineering      
Trevor Sidewand College of Health Professions      
Matt Brookover First Year Senator      
Brett Ferrell First Year Senator      
Cassaundra Spaeder Vice-Senate Chair      
Dominic Grossi Off Campus Living      
Claire Debruin Residence Life      
Shayla Gasanova Senate Clerk      
Isaac Lampner Senator At Large      
Andrew Barry Senator For Honors College      

*Blank vote means the senator was either absent or not yet elected to their current position when the bill was being voted on

(N.M) This indicates that the person is no longer a member of USG.


The above bills can be found listed below:

  1. USG (MOB) Committee - EO 07-16-17
  2. USG Diversity Committee - EO 06-16-17
  3. Student Outreach - SB - 10-16-17
  4. OSGS Logistics Committee - EO 09-16-17
  5. Organic Waste Recycling - SR 01-16-17
  6. Health and Safety
  7. Diversity - SB 17-16-17
  8. Farmers Market - SR 11-16-17

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